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Week of Sept. 20 - 24, 2021

We will be reviewing for the Polynomial Unit Test on Monday and Tuesday.  You will take the test Wednesday (even class periods) or Thursday (odd class periods). 
The test covers the following topics:  Factoring, Identify zeros from a graph, Sketch a graph given the equation in factored form, Write an equation in factored form given a sketch of the graph, End Behavior, Multiplicity, Remainder Theorem, and the Factor Theorem.  


Please make sure to complete your delta math this week.  You have two assignments to complete - Synthetic Division and the Factor Theorem.  I have edited these assignments so that your due date is at the end of the day Friday instead of 8 am.  

September 13 - Homecoming Week

There will be no quiz this week.
This week is Homecoming Week at Riverdale!!!
Monday - Wednesday we will be working on the Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem.  
If you would like to retest on this past Friday's quiz over Synthetic Division, you must come in on Thursday before school to do so.
Thursday is an early dismissal day and we will be outside for Dodgeball and PowderPuff events.
Friday is an activity day, pep rally in the morning and PIG OUT during lunches.  I will be in the Beta Club booth supervising throughout most of the day.  

Week of Sept. 7 - 10, 2021

Tuesday we took a mini quiz on Writing and Sketching Polynomial Functions.  Please come to my room at 8 am on a prearranged date to complete this quiz.
Other than that, we spent the entire week working on Synthetic Division.  Below you will find two worksheets that need to be completed, as well as a video and notes as resources to help you learn.
Friday there will be a short quiz over Synthetic Division.