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Miranda Vazquez » ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

¡Hola y bienvenidos a mi clase! 

Hello and welcome to my class! 


Below you will find some helpful information. Please feel free to email me at vazquezm@rcschools.net with questions or concerns. 



Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password.

  • If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office at 615-890-6450.




  •  You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school. 
If you are looking for your work while quarantined, you have come to the right place. All of the class work for this week will be posted right here on my webpage. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the work attachments. They will be labeled with the date... you will find worksheets, notes, announcements, etc.



Today we are going to talk more about Día de los Muertos. On your own to learn more complete the following:
Write ten sentences to describe Día de los Muertos. In that include: 
-How/ when is it celebrated?
-Similarities/ differences of something you celebrate in your culture 
Also answer: 
-Who would you make an ofrenda for? What would you include on this ofrenda?
-Would you like to celebrate Día de los Muertos? Yes/no and why? 

10/27 & 10/28

Today are are finishing the movie Coco. The worksheet is linked on the post for 10/26. 


Today we are going to start watching the movie Coco for Día de los Muertos. If you have access to watch it at home, please do so and complete this worksheet. To access the worksheet, click on the date. 


Today is a makeup day. Please check Skyward and turn in any missing work. Also do not forget to finish your diamond poem. 

10/20 & 10/21

Today we are going to be working more with the verb ser and adjectives. You will complete this diamond poem to show mastery of the subject. Click on the date to access the attachment with directions for the diamond poem. Above this post, you will also find an adjective sheet and some examples of the poem for guidance. 


Today we are going to be looking at the country Uruguay. Please complete the attached paper to learn more about this country. Click on the date to view the attachment. This will be entered into Skyward, so please turn it in once you are finished. 


Today we are finishing up our ideal classroom projects. These are due today. Make sure you have made the picture with 20 items labeled in Spanish and 10 sentences in Spanish using estar and location words.