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Ashley Popovich » Welcome Warriors!

Welcome Warriors!

Welcome to Our Class! 

Everyday is a fresh start, so let's start anew together everyday!

Below you will find information about


  • My class schedule 
  • How to contact me outside of school
  • Where to find assignments
  • What to do if you are absent or are missing an assignment
  • How to check your grades
  • Where to find your online textbook 
  • How to check your email
  • Where can you find the expectations for this class?


If you need any additional assistance or if you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE just ask . I'm here to help guide you.  You can always contact me via "Remind" or email me at [email protected]

  • My class schedule is as follows:

                                            1st Period: Honors Biology

                                           2nd Period: Planning / Meetings

                                           3rd Period: Adv. Honors Biology

                                           4th Period: Biology

                                           5th Period: Biology

                                           6th Period: Honors Biology

                                          7th Period: Biology

How can you contact me outside of school?

A great way to stay in contact with me as a parent or student, is to join to my remind group! Remind is a free app that you can download to your phone OR sign up to receive messages without downloading the app. Remind 101 works exactly like texting, except it's better because it keeps a digital record of past messages, keeps your phone number private and allows you to have a confidential conversation with your teacher.  If you need help with homework or just to ask a question like what tomorrow’s schedule will be. So how does one sign up for this fabulous service? Simple! Follow the instructions below based on your class period:

1st & 6th Period :

Text “@biowitmrsp”

to: 81010

3rd Period:

Text “@advhonbio”

to: 81010

4th, 5th & 7th periods

Text “@bio4pop”

To 81010

Where can you find assignments (or upcoming lesson plans)?
  There should be another web page called "plans."  The link to it should be on the far right side of this page.  That is where you should be able to find upcoming (and sometimes even past) lessons & plans.  Assignments are posted on TEAMS.  You must be invited to be on the TEAMS page so if you have somehow been skipped, and not invited - first, i apologize! and second, please let me know as soon as possible!!
What should you do if you are absent or are missing an assignment?
     In my classroom, on my desk - I keep a small calendar that i use as an agenda.  In it I write down what we have done in class that day. When you return from being absent, you can ask me to borrow that agenda.  You may also check for the lessons and assignments posted on your classroom page in TEAMS, ask a friend, and check the absentee folder.  There are folders for each class period in wire baskets beside the door in my classroom. Within those baskets you will usually find "mail" - copies of assignments that i have pulled for you and made notes on and then put your name on it so you know that you will need to complete it upon your return.  To sum it up,
  • Check the absentee agenda
  • Check TEAMS
  • Check the absentee folder
  • Ask a friend
How do you check your grades?

You can check your grades through Skyward using your assigned username and password.

  • If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office at 615-890-6450.
  • i do the all of my grading on the weekend, So grades are usually updated weekly each Monday morning
  • If they are not - it is because i had to use some of the my weekend time for family responsibilities
Where can you find your online textbook?
     Log in to "Clever" from the link at the top of the RHS homepage. Search for "Savaas."
How do you check your email?
     You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school
Where can you find the expectations and schedule for this class?

The expectations for this class are posted on a bulletin board in the classroom.  It has a bright red background and bright yellow letters.  I expect the following from my high school students:

  • Manners - say please and thank you; don't interrupt when another is speaking; don't yell over others to be heard
  • Respect - Keep with your ma'am/sir; look people in the eye when you speak to them, do not text in class, do not EVER have air pods in your ears in the classroom, do not raise your voice or hand in anger and no name-calling. The county has a new policy for cell phones for the 2022-23 school year It states the following: "Cell phone / communication devices must be silenced and in a backpack, purse or similar carryall.  They may be used before and after school, during lunch and in between class transitions. The may not be used in the classroom. Laptops have been issued to every RCS student grades 6-12"  I expect my students to follow school rules, such as the cell phone policy, dress code, and etc.
  • Materials - I expect my high schoolers to bring their materials to class everyday.  At the VERY least those should  include: their RCS issued laptop and plug, a pencil & a composition notebook. On days where we have a different activity I will request that students bring their colored pencils as the class set declines in quality more with time.  
  • Effort - At the very least, I expect - demand that my students try. There is no excuse for apathy, ever. Everyone has a story. Every one has trials & tribulations. You can wallow in it and attempt to use it as some type of crutch or excuse, or you can choose to rise above and refuse to let even the worst of circumstances hold you back.