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ACT Information

ACT Exam Dates
Please note the following dates and grade levels for the ACT Exams
administered here at Riverdale High School this year. 
They DO NOT require registration. 
Seniors October 18th, makeup date is November 1st
Juniors March 7th, makeup date is March 21st

The ACT is an achievement test that measures a student’s readiness for college. 

Riverdale High School offers ACT Prep. This one-semester course is designed to improve test scores on the ACT. Students are also given additional support in their Tomahawk Time classes during the 2nd semester.
ACT Benchmarks

ACT Benchmarks are scores on the ACT subject-area tests that represent the level of achievement required for students to have a 50% chance of obtaining a B or higher. These college courses include English composition, college algebra, introductory social science courses, and biology. One requirement of graduating from high school with an honors diploma is to meet all 4 ACT Benchmarks.

College Admission

The ACT is used as a college entrance exam. Check out CollegeSimply to find out which colleges accept ACT scores!

HOPE Scholarship
One requirement of the HOPE Scholarship is an ACT composite of at least 21.
Registration for Saturday Tests are completed at 
  • Cost is $63
  • Be sure to add Riverdale to your test so we receive your updated scores.
  • Riverdale CEED Code is 431622
Act Fee Waivers are available to those students who have qualified for free or reduced lunch. Please inquire with your school counselor about this waiver opportunity.