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Welcome to Criminal Justice

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1st Period: Planning
2nd Period: Criminal Justice II 
3rd Period: Criminal Justice II
4th Period: Criminal Justice Practicum
5th Period: Criminal Justice III  Dual Credit
6th Period: Criminal Justice III Dual Credit
7th Period: Supervision


Criminal Justice Distance Learning:

 I will be utilizing Edmodo ( https://new.edmodo.com/ ). To join, students will need to click on join with Office 365. DO NOT CREATE A NEW USERNAME AND PASSWORD!! All of my students can use the class code p5j3jw to join. It is a county wide CJ post, but my students will respond to the "Riverdale High School Small Group" with feedback.  We will be posting resources, materials, and discussions for our students each week that they may use (participation is voluntary and no grades will be given) for enrichment. I encourage all of my students to join us on Edmodo, and I hope that all my students will take advantage of the resources, materials, and discussions on there!


You can also find these weekly assignments, and the course standards they reflect, by clicking on your class to the right.