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Mrs. Oring, Academic Coach (RTI²)


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We are currently in Semester 2, Round 2 of Tomahawk Time (TT2 on your schedule). This round is ACT Prep for 9th-11th grade and Hiring Event Prep for 12th grade. Round 3: Electives will begin Monday, March 12.

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Click the link below to take the Youth Suicide Post-Assessment
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Sem 2, TT3: Enrichment Electives
Beginning March 12
Elective Registration was Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16. Remember that you may be pulled by your teachers for English, Math, US History, Chemistry, or Biology if needed.
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Semester 2, TT3: Enrichment Electives Options


Room Teacher's Name Elective
B-6 Arman Calculus Jedi Master Training
BN-8 Arnold Trivia
H-2 Aymett Instrumental Practice Techniques/Solo & Ensemble Prep
P-8 Baird Self defense / Study hall
AN-11 Bennett Brain Games
Gym Biggs Baseball Strategies/Approach
A-3 Bingham Leadership
SLR Brooks Drivers Ed
G-5 Brown Dining Etiquette for Prom 
BN-11 Butler The History of Latin Music
K-4 Cain DECA ICDC Competition Prep - All Competitors
Gym Coffman Advanced Basketball Skills
F-1 Colbert Topics in Retail Merchandising (School-Based Enterprise)
B-5 Conatser Homework Helpline, Study Session
BN-7 Crigger A Study of Oscar Nominated Films
L-2 Crowell Introduction to Feminism
B-4 Davis, L ACT Prep
P-9 Dozier Self defense / Study hall
SLR Edging Drivers Ed
M-2 Emery Farm and Agribusiness Management/Agronomy
H-2 Engelbert Physics of Music 
K-3 Everett Basic Vehicle Maintenance
Gym Field Big Brothers and Big Sisters Part 2
BN-2 Fuentes Board Games 
Library Greene AP Study Hall
K-6 Haley School Appropriate Card Games
P-11 Hall Mental Health Awareness
F-3 Hanna Benefits of teamwork, how to be on a team
CN-4 Hargrove Nature Crafts
BN-10 Hensley Hispanic Arts, Crafts, and Culture
Gym Horton Team Building
L-1 Hughes Pinterest Gone Right
G-2 Hunter Gen. Ed. Study Hall
G-9 Johnson How To Life As An Adult
AN-SC Jones, A AP Study Hall
M-4 Jones, K SkillsUSA Comp Prep/Photography/Graphic Design
F-2 Kell Pinterest Gone Right
CN-3 Kennedy Photography - addition to photography club 
AN-4 Lanier Brain Games
AN-5 Layne Current Events
C-7 Limbaugh Movies as History
M-1 Martin Landscaping & Floral Design
F-4 Morrison Book Club
BN-14 Paris AP Study Hall
E-1 Peck Real World Relaxing for Awesome Test Results
P-5 Pelchat Offensive Film Study 
A-2 Perkins BookArts Creation
G-6 Phillips Observation & Overview of Education W/Bontrager
J-1 Pick  Air Rifle Marksmanship & Safety
G-1 Radabaugh  Exploring Visual Effects in Movies  
BN-3 Ramey Stress Relief Through Coloring
M-5 Raney Advanced Improv
Library Rein Lovers of YA Books
E-5 Riner Senior English Remediation
J-1 Schwartz Portfolio development; drill and ceremonies
K-1 Shirley Improving Ag Shop Skills with Hands-on Activities
K-5 Staats SkillsUSA Comp & Engine Drivability
L-6 Suitt Politics
D-3 Thweatt AP Wolrd History Sudy
G-8 Truax Four person trick-taking card games.
P-2 Tudor Study Hall
P-7 Vassar AP Human Geography Study Hall
SLR Voss Study of the Greatest Athletes of our Time
E-7 Walker Trivia
P-4 Wells Stress Prevention / Study Hall
G-11 Williams, B Solo/Ensemble/Allstate Prep
C-2 Willmon AP Study Hall and/or Exam Prep
L-3 Wrenn JCL contest prep/Latin myth remediation/yarn.
B-5 Yawn Math tutoring
CN-2 York Physics of Music