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Welcome to Mrs. Phillips' Classroom

Welcome back Warriors! I am excited to start another school year with you. Please check your course's website regularly for updates and important links. 
Mrs. Phillips' Class Schedule: 
School Year 2020-2021
1st Period: Lifespan Development
2nd Period: Lifespan Development
3rd Period: Introduction to Human Studies 
4th Period: Introduction to Human Studies
5th Period: Planning
6th Period: Family Studies
7th Period: Family Studies
***COVID 19 Distance Learning Information*** 
You will be expected to log into our TEAMS meeting each day 3-5 minutes before the start of class. You can then listen in as we have class and complete assignments as requested. I will also be able to answer your questions in real time as if you were sitting in the room physically. If you are absent for the day, you will be expected to watch the video and submit a code word for attendance credit. More information on how to submit will be in Kiddom.  
Kiddom will be your starting place for ALL of your classes. Log in through Clever:
  1. Access the Riverdale home page
  2. Scroll over "students" scroll down and choose "Clever Login"
  3.  Your login information will be the same as your email log in. 
  4. Once in Clever, click on the Kiddom app to open. From your home page you will be able to see all of your courses and course work. 
As we work through the start of the school year Kiddom will most likely have some hiccups. Each class day that you have problems logging in to Kiddom, please shoot me an email letting me know. I will forward our assignments for the day to you at that time.