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Welcome to Wrenn's Webpage

Knowledge is power, Power Corrupts,
Study Hard, RULE THE WORLD! 

After all it worked for the Romans!

Welcome back!  
I'm using Microsoft TEAMS this year in class and out of class as needed.  
You can get to teams through your student email or through clever.
Supply lists

Latin-  A sectioned way to keep my notes.  Binder or folder as long as you can get pages in and out on demand.  A composition book for bellwork to be kept in my class.  Writing implement of your choice.


Mythology - Some way to take and keep notes as wanted.  Brain 


Etymology a writing implement and a brain.


My schedule

1st Credit Recovery

2nd Mythology

3rd Planning

4th Credit Recovery

5th Mythology

6th Etymology

7th Latins 1 and 3



my email address: [email protected]