Riverdale High School

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Classroom Rules/Procedures


The class seating area is organized into a single cluster ( at front of room ) that allows the teacher to give notes to the class while standing directly in front of it. However, I have also began using a Smart Interwrite Tablet that allows me to give notes ( broadcast to a screen in the front of the room via projector ) while roaming around the seating area. Since this classroom ( and most of my classes ) also will have lab components, it is best to separate the lab area ( in the rear of room ) from the seating area and I have done this.

Class Rules


1 ] No talking when the teacher is talking or requests quiet

2 ] No arguing with the teacher ( that means “talking back” )/Be respectful to EVERYONE

3 ] Follow directions the first time given

4 ] Come prepared to class ( Binder, Paper, Writing Utensil, Calculator if a Physics Student )

5 ] No sleeping

6 ] No electronic devices when told to put away

7 ] Food/Drinks ok as long as you pick up your trash

8 ] Be seated ( in your assigned seat if valid )/ready to learn by the bell or you will be tardy ( School Rules will be followed as to when tardies lead to detention or worse )

9 ] Goggles always during lab activities

10 ] Pick-up after yourself always




1st Offence – Warning

2nd Offence – Contact Parent(s)/Guardian

3rd Offence – Detention ( with teacher, 30 minutes after school )

4th Offence AND BEYOND – referral to Principal ( or assistants ) THIS MEANS A PINK SLIP


Rewards - class outside for a day or ( for individuals ) homework pass