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Michael Schwartz » Welcome


It is great to be back to school!!  I hope your spring / summer was safe and uneventful.  
Now that we are back to school, I will keep you posted via a variety of sources so you may access my assignments, team information, and other important information as the school year progresses.
My plan is to post all assignments on KIDDOM and Cadet Portfolio.  Right now, I have posted the first 9 weeks assignments on KIDDOM and Cadet Portfolio.  I'll ask that you complete all assignments and upload them in Cadet Portfolio since most of you are already used to this site.  (Remember it from last year?).  
All 1st 9 weeks assignments are attached in the file "assignments by week JROTC" for all LET II,III, and IV.  Also, all assignments, virtual or in class students are identical.  
If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is via e-mail at schwartz@rcschools.net