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Responsibility Reminder
RCS Mobile Device Handbook (View Here)
Handling, Care and Use by Students
  • Students who are issued district owned and maintained devices must also follow these guidelines:
    • Keep the device secure and damage free.
    • Do not loan out the device, charger, or cords.
    • Do not leave the device in a vehicle.
    • Do not eat or drink while using the device or have food or drinks near the device.
    • Do not place the device on the floor or on a sitting area such as a chair or couch.
    • Do not leave the device near table or desk edges.
    • Do not stack objects on top of the device.
    • Do not leave the device outside.
  • Students are responsible for all media, internet usage, downloads, file creation, file deletion, file sharing, file storage, and other actions that involve all software or applications accessed via your assigned device. Do not allow other users to use the device assigned to you.
  • Student devices are only for creation of, storage of, access to, and consumption of school appropriate content. Do not access, store, create, consume, or share unauthorized or inappropriate content with your device.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring their assigned device logs on to the school district’s network daily to receive necessary updates that are critical to keeping the device safe and operational.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring nothing is ever connected to, or inserted into, any of the ports and/or connectors of the device that are not intended for that particular port or connector.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring the device is never exposed to liquids or other foreign substances, including drinks, paint, ink, glue, cleaners, polishes, or any type of health/beauty aid (lotion, nail polish, perfume, soap, shampoo, etc.).
  • Students are responsible for ensuring the surface of the device is not altered or defaced. Students cannot decorate their assigned device or remove labels, stickers, or tags from the device that are affixed by school district personnel.
  • Make sure that only school district personnel troubleshoot, diagnose, or repair your assigned device. 
Repair Costs
  • Repairs will be made to an assigned device if the nature of the damage makes the device inoperable or leaves the device in a state where the damage is likely to increase after redistribution resulting in need for repair for a future user. Repair costs will be assessed at the quoted price as of the date of the damage. The list below serves only as an example of potential repair costs.
  • If a student is assessed repair costs and the balance is not paid by the end of the school year, the student’s grades and/or transcript may be held by the school until such costs are paid.
  • Staff shall also be responsible for repair costs, and if not paid, the staff member’s paycheck may be held.
Computer Repair Pricing
Replacement Costs
  • A student/parent/guardian is responsible for cost of replacement of a lost mobile device if the loss of the borrowed property is not reported according to the “Reporting Loss/Damage” section or the borrowed device is lost as the result of handling, storing, or using in a manner not in compliance with the “Security, Storage, and Transport” guidelines.
  • The replacement cost of a lost device is based on the cost of a replacement device.
  • A student/parent/guardian is fully responsible for the replacement cost of any device accessories lost while in their possession.
  • Replacement costs of device accessories are based on the price for which RCS purchases replacement accessories from 3rd party vendors.
  • If a student is assessed replacement costs and the balance is not paid by the end of the school year, the student’s grades and/or transcript may be held by the school until such costs are paid.