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Welcome to Integrated Math 3!
Please check your grades regularly on Skyward.  
Assignments will be graded and updated as soon as possible.
Required School Supplies:
3-ring Binder
Loose Leaf Paper
Tab Dividers (Optional, but very helpful)
TI-84 Plus Calculator
Pencils - Lots and Lots 
Colored Pens and/or


Missing Work

If you have missing work, it is shown on Skyward.  Please check your grades every week.  I put in grades almost daily.  (Last week was a mess with the family emergency I had to deal with, but otherwise, grades are always up to date).  Currently, more than half my students are failing due SOLELY TO MISSING ASSIGNMENTS.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  I see how much time you spend on phones when time is available in class.  Please do not tell me you do not have time to spend an hour per week on my assignments.  
To those of you who complete your work on time, neatly, and are making an effort to succeed....THANK YOU!!!!  Sincerely, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you guys and want you to be the best you possibly can be.  
Love, Mrs. G