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Community & Counseling Resources

Family life is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate. Our focus is advocating for the needs of all children and families in our community. We aim to provide family resources through advocacy, education, prevention, and intervention, in connecting you with these outreach programs – here are some tools and support we feel can assist you with your needs. 





Mental health resources available for students, educators, community 

The mental health impact of COVID-19 will persist longer than the physical virus. Consider the anxiety, trauma, and depression caused by job loss, isolation, seclusion, and the unpredictability about the virus that threatens the life and safety of individuals and their family members.

Here are available resources:

Text “TN” to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line and to immediately be connected to a trained crisis counselor 24/7. Click this link to learn about the Crisis Text Line   

The “My Health Care Home” website directs Middle Tennesseans to their nearest charitable clinic (i.e., Matthew Walker, Neighborhood Health, Neighborhood Health, etc.). It includes prescription discounts, screenings, and more information at www.myhchTN.org.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 800-273-8255. If preferred, you can go to the website and participate in a chat feature.

Go HERE for free, anonymous, evidence-based screenings for anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. Parents can take a screening to determine if their children are showing symptoms of depression or anxiety. The backend of the screenings provides local resources and do-it-yourself exercises to help.

Mental Health America proudly started Mental Health Month in May 1949.  Annually, we provide helpful resources to promote May as mental health month. I hope that you find these resources to be helpful: https://mhanational.org/mental-health-month. It includes some COVID-19 bonus materials.