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Welcome to Coach Arman's webpage

Grading Procedure


Class Requirements

Mr. Arman’s Class





                        Homework Average = 25%                Test Average= 75%


            Homework Average: Your homework average will be calculated as follows.

Homework assignments will be graded on effort. After every 2 or 3 homework assignments homework quizzes are given. Homework quizzes count as 2 homework grades. If a student is absent unexcused from a quiz a grade of zero will be given. If a student is absent excused from a quiz a grade of EX will be given.  Notebooks will be checked once every 6 weeks for a quiz grade. 

            Test Average: Tests will be given every 1 to 2 weeks. Projects may be given once a 6 weeks for a test grade. 6 weeks tests count as 2 test grades.

            Bonus Points: Honors classes receive +3 on their 6 weeks average. AP and Advanced Honors classes will receive +5 on their 6 weeks average.


Class Requirements

All work must be done in pencil. NO INK
All projects must be done on the computer.
You will need a 3 ring binder.
All homework is to be titled with section number, full name, and period in the upper right hand corner.
A TI 82 or 83 calculator is needed.
Never talk when I'm talking.
Always bring all materials to class.
Always take notes.
No cell phones out during class without my permission.