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World History Syllabus

 First Nine Weeks:

Alternate Chapter 1: The World Before Modern Times

  1. Prehistoric Times
  2. Early Civilizations and the Dark Ages

Alternate Chapter 2: The Renaissance in Europe

  1. The Italian Renaissance
  2. The Renaissance Spreads

Alternate Chapter 3: The Reformation in Europe

  1. The Protestant Reformation
  2. The Spread of Protestantism

Alternate Chapter 4: The Age of Exploration

  1. European Exploration and Expansion
  2. The First Global Economic Systems
  3. Colonial Latin America

Chapter 1: Conflict and Absolutism in Europe

  1. Europe in Crisis
  2. Absolutism in Europe

Chapter 2: The Enlightenment and Revolutions

  1. The Scientific Revolution
  2. The Ideas of the Enlightenment
  3. The American Revolution
Second Nine Weeks:

Chapter 3: The French Revolution and Napoleon

  1. The French Revolution
  2. The Rise and Fall of Napoleon

Chapter 4: Industrialization and Nationalism

  1. The Industrial Revolutions
  2. Nationalism, Political Revolutions, Unification, and Reform

Chapter 6: The Reach of Imperialism

  1. Colonial Rule in Asia and Africa
  2. Imperialism in Latin America

Chapter 7: Challenge and Transition in East Asia

  1. The Decline of the Qing Dynasty
  2. Revolution in China
  3. The Rise of Modern Japan
Third Nine Weeks:

Chapter 8: World War I and the Russian Revolution

  1. The Causes of World War I
  2. The Major Events and Effects of World War I
  3. The Russian Revolution

Chapter 9: The West Between the Wars

  1. The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes
  2. Hitler and Nazi Germany

Chapter 11: World War II

  1. Events that led to WWII
  2. Major campaigns of the war
  3. The short-term and long-term effects of the war
Fourth Nine Weeks:

Chapter 12: The Cold War

  1. Causes of the Cold War
  2. Cold War Conflicts
  3. Life During the Cold War

Chapter 13: Nationalism in the Developing World

  1. Southern Asia
  2. The Middle East
  3. Africa
  4. Latin America
Chapter 14: The Continuing Cold War
            Life during the Cold War
            The Cold War ends

Chapter 15: A New Era Begins

  1. The End of the Cold War
  2. Rising Economies in East Asia
  3. Current Regional Issues
Ancient World History Syllabus
First Nine Weeks:
Chapter 1: The Peopling of the World
Chapter 2: Early River Civilizations
Chapter 3: People and Ideas on the Move
Chapter 4. First Age of Empires
Second Nine Weeks:
Chapter 5: Classical Greece
Chapter 6: Ancient Rome and Early Christianity
Chapter 7: India and China Establish Empires
Chapter 9: The Americas: A Separate World
Third Nine Weeks:
Chapter 10: The Muslim World
Chapter 11: Byzantines, Russians, and Turks Interact
Chapter 12: Empires in East Asia
Chapter 13: European Middle Ages
Fourth Nine Weeks:
Chapter 14: The Formation of Western Europe
Chapter 16: People and Empires in the Americas
Chapter 17:European Renaissance and Reformation
Chapter 18: The Muslim World Expands
Chapter 19: An Age of Exploration and Isolation