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Welcome to Mrs. Palmer's classroom!

Melissa M. Palmer
Fall 2022
Welcome back. I looking forward to a semester of learning and increased student engagement.  At any time, I encourage both parents and students to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about my classroom instruction.  Thank you all and welcome. 
As soon as possible, I will be creating teams for all of my classes.   If you are absent for any reason please make sure you are logging into teams and completing the work in real time.  There will be closing dates on each assignment.
Listed below are the access codes to teams for each class: ( These will be updated soon.)
1st Dual Credit Psychology     
2nd U.S. Government      
3rd Planning            
4th U.S. Government  Honors               
5th U.S. Government  Honors
6th  Dual Credit Psychology                
7th Dean Attendance