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About Mr. Truax

All About Me
I taught French for 17 years before transitioning to gifted education and I love it!  I do, at times, miss teaching French but I have a much closer hand in preparing my gifted students for college readiness and I have a more developed relationship with my colleagues and the school as a whole.   I own a small farm with donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs, and cats.  It's a lot of work but totally worth it.  I enjoy roleplaying games, such as the sci-fi game I run for my friends at work.  I also play a variety of board and card games.  I participate in the local theater community and you are very likely to see me in any production of Shakespeare.  
Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Episode V.
Favorite Book: Pauvre Anne. Again, kidding. I really do like To Kill a Mockingbird.
Favorite Quote: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."  --Marie Antoinette