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Rachel Starrett » Criminal Justice I

Criminal Justice I

Hello, all! Welcome to Ms. Starrett's Criminal Justice 1 page. Each week, I plan to upload necessary work/content/notes/etc. in order to help those students who are at home keep up with those in the classroom. If you need to contact me, my e-mail is on this website. All students who are on my roster should be enrolled in my Microsoft Teams for CJ1, that is the most efficient way for them to keep up with their work while not in school. If your student/child did not receive an invitation to my Microsoft Teams, please reach out and let me know. Your child's and my students' success is the most important thing to me in this trying time. We are all in this together! Go Warriors!
Week 3-4: Introduction to CJ Systems
Powerpoint is on this website, assignments are uploaded with due dates. These need to be turned in via TEAMS. The Link is on the right. 
Due 09/02/2021- Career Exploration Worksheet and Criminal Justice History Questions Worksheet. 
Week 5-6: 
- Intro to CJ Systems/History Review: For those at home or on quarantine, please review the Intro to CJ Systems powerpoint and make sure you notate anything you believe is of importance since you are not in class for me to tell you. 
- History of CJ Systems/Intro Quiz: This quiz is not going to be uploaded due to not being able to monitor all students at the time of the quiz, if you are on quarantine, you will have to make this up in class. 
- Begin "What is Criminal Justice" Unit: This powerpoint will be uploaded by Wednesday as well as the guided notes. We will be going through the powerpoint as well as filling out the guided notes. 
Week 7: What is Crime? 
Guided power point and notes can be found under "What is Crime" section to the right. Worksheets can also be found here that are being completed in class. A comprehensive list of crimes is also found under this tab, if students are absent they will need to begin defining crimes that start with the letter "A". 
Week 8: Field Sobriety Testing 
Students will be reviewing the proper protocols and procedures for the administration of field sobriety tests. The powerpoint for Field Sobriety Tests can be found to the right under SKILLS USA. Students will need to review this powerpoint and then practice administering field sobriety tests. I also recommend researching videos of Officers performing Field Sobriety Tests properly. The students will either need to print out or copy the Field Sobriety Test Instructions as found under the SKILLS USA folder.